Below you can read and download various technical press publications dealing with our heat treatment systems and our company.

1 December, 2023

A consuming passion for heat treatment

Published in „Wirtschaftliche Nachrichten“
Issue 12/2023

1 January, 2020

ams marketplace schwartz

Published in AMS Marketplace 2020

Issue AMS Marketplace 2020

1 October, 2019

The thermal print principle

Published in AMS Central & Eastern Europe Supplement 2019

Issue 10/2019

10 January, 2018

schwartz Heat Treatment Systems for the automotive industry

Published in AMS Directory 2019

Issue AMS Directory 2019

2 October, 2017

schwartz heat treatment systems enjoy worldwide demand from aluminum forging facilities

Published in „International Aluminium Journal“
Issue 10/2017

15 August, 2017

Pressed for success – schwartz Heat Treatment Systems Asia

Published in „AMS – Automotive Manufacturing Solutions“
Issue September – October 2017

20 November, 2016

schwartz GmbH acquires manufacturer of heat treatment equipment

Published in “International Aluminium Journal”
Issue 10/2016

18 November, 2016

Equipment for heat treatment of aluminum automotive suspension parts

Published in “heat processing”
Issue 4/2016

29 March, 2016

Companies profile | schwartz GmbH

Published in “heatprocessing”
Issue 1/2016

20 September, 2015

High-efficiency heat treatment systems from schwartz for aluminum parts

Published in “International Aluminium Journal”
Issue 9/2015