Flood donation

At the end of July, schwartz GmbH launched the relief action ‘Flood Disaster – People in Need’, an internal call for donations to help out a family severely affected by this disaster.

The generous donations made by the employees were then topped up by Alexander Wilden (owner of the schwartz group). In this way the funds raised amounted to a total of EUR 10,000.

This was also a matter of heart for Ms Catarina dos Santos, the Christian Democrat’s candidate of electoral district Aachen II for the German Bundestag, with whose assistance schwartz was able to locate the Quade family in the village of Mulartshütte. The flood disaster has hit the Quade family very hard. Already before, they were facing tremendous challenges, both their children being severely disabled. With our donation we would like to support the Quade family in these difficult times. The check was handed over this week.

We would like to thank all donors at schwartz GmbH and send our best wishes for strength and courage to the Quade family.